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Croc Squat

Yes, that is me in hot pink crocs taking a shit. The full clip will be available on Thursday via and 
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Daily Dose 3rd April

So I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend? I didn't get any eggs however, I was totally ok with that because I prefer a different type of chocolate. My face says it all really! Look at the amount I produced! I should have shaped it into an Egg for some lucky toilet to eat. Maybe next Easter I will be feeding you my yummy chocolate eggs. I did film this load coming out of me. It will be available via and on Thursday. 

Daily Dose 23rd March

 Just a little picture preview of what will be landing in my members' site t tomorrow. A new Daily Dose clip just for you. What a load! 

Let's talk caviar

I originally posted this on my site but I don't think some of you follow me there so would have missed out on this.  If you don’t know I’m all about the shit. Seriously though I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve fed and played with many submissives and will hopefully continue to do so in the future. However, I want to put a couple of things out there since I feel like a broken record. Hardsports/Scat is meant to be fun like anything else that falls under the kink and fetish umbrella. So whether you see me or someone else, I want you to have fun and remain safe. So here are a few tips and just some of my own personal pet peeves in no particular order. Booking a toilet session is not the equivalent of going to a steak house. You do not get to request the texture, consistency and size. Anyone who contacts me doing this is a firm to hard pass. Shippables – I know some of you like to receive goodies in the mail via various sites. A container of raw caviar is totall