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Clean It UP

Now available in my clip store

If you would like to appear in my clips and serve me as a toilet or a scat slave, do get in touch. x

Lick it off my boobs

That is the title to a clip I done last week. It got seriously messy! I also enjoyed it. Warm poop on my boobs. All that was missing was your tongue to lick it all off.

You can view at my Scat Shop

Enjoy! xxx

Enema Water

So I decided to have an enema and have my slave drink the contents of it. It wasn't all watery so he did get something to eat in the process. Here is just a little tease of me filling me up with water.

It was a total mess! You can see the whole clip at my scat shop

No show

Hey Toilets,
So can you believe I had a so called toilet who was a complete and utter no show. Well I decided to make a very quick clip of what was missed. I am still upset that I had to waste it.