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Toilet week

So I have a new date for toilet week 22nd - 28th May (details below), but I fancy taking my butt on the road and hosting toilet week somewhere else aside from London. So if you would like to see me in your city and find yourself beneath my ass, let me know below or directly.

For 1 week (22nd – 28th May 2017) I will run a special which will consist of me having a full toilet slave each day of the week. Your sole purpose is to serve me as a full toilet and to feel what it’s like to truly be objectified and degraded. When not in use you will be chained to my toilet stool or locked away in my cage until required. You will consume all waste regardless of what form it comes in. You arrive 10am sharp and I wrap things up at 7pm. Giving you plenty of time to consume my Caviar as well as all Champagne including my very first of the day.

This is a one week special therefore the rate for the day during this week is also special. Tribute is £430 which would not get you a full day on normal circumstances. This is a first come first serve basis. So when applying please state which day you hope to serve. A £100 non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your place.

Beginners as always are welcomed.

Visit my site for full contact details.


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Hey lovelies,

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If you have been or you know the area well, I would really appreciate some hotel recommendations as well as places you recommend for sightseeing.

I will do a follow up to this to let you know the particulars.

See you soon my lil perverts. xxx